Electric Motion

Epure Lite

The Epure Lite is the standard model of the Epure family, but it does benefit of all its technology. The Lite is good for all those who want to practice trial or ride off-road, with a silent motorbike that requires zero maintenance. Private individuals, training schools or off-road centers, the Epure Lite will please a large crowd of enthusiasts.

Epure Sport

Power, battery lifetime, torque, speed, weight… the Sport model has never been that improved before.Designed for competitors, the Epure Sport is pure performance…The Epure Sport proves that an electric motorcycle can be as performing as the best combustion-powered ones. Without any compromise.

Technical sheet


Initially developed for competition, Electric Motion chooses to provide its standard model with a high-end frame made of 15CDV6 steel tubes and micro fused pieces in 25CD4S. The frame itself weighs less than 5kg. All conditions are there to live a breathtaking experience.

Front brakes: Disque 182 mm 4 pistons

Rear brakes Disque 150 mm 2 pistons

Front rim Morad Trial 1,6″ x 21″

Rear rim 400 X 18 Alloy with


Front suspension travel 175 mm


It is one of the most performing forks on the market. This new generation fork, extra-light (weighing 1.5kg less), from the brand M4 Racing Part, has already been tested and approved by the best …The M4 Racing Part fork is equipped with new extra light CNC triple clamps.

Rear suspension R 16 V

Rear suspension travel 170 mm


Battery Type Li-ion

Voltage 50,4V

Capacity 1875 Wh, 15A Charger Charging time 3h 20

Min Life cycle 1000 Min charging temperature 0°C

Battery Weight 10,5 kg


Nominal power: 6Kw

Peak power 11Kw


Seat weight 670 mm

Wheel base 1325 mm

Ground clearance 320 mm

Footrest height 360 mm

Width 825 mm

Maps Maps 3

Series equipment

Series equipment PRB / PELS

Optional Equipment

LED Kit, Trials training maps, Flywheel, Charger 25 A Approx CHG time 2H 15 Mn

Epure Race

The TOP One

This is the first homologated (officially approved specifications) electric trial motorcycle ever sold equipped with a diaphragm clutch. Imagine one of the lightest trial motorcycles on the market, add the torque of an electric power-train and finally a high performance diaphragm clutch…

The Epure Race has no limit… except for its pilot’s.