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 We are located is in North-East Washington State, near a small town called Gifford, 3 miles west of Roosevelt Lake.   This is a fairly rugged area with great outdoor recreation, camping, boating and fishing.
Russ Midkiff :  509-722-4100
russ@strangercreek.co  •  8strangercreekmoto.com

The Epure Lite is the standard model of the Epure family, but it does benefit of all its technology.  The Lite is good for all those who want to practice trial or ride off-road, with a silent motorbike that requires zero maintenance.  Private individuals, training schools or off-road centers, the Epure Lite will please a large crowd of enthusiasts.


The Escape Lite offers exceptional value for money, equipped with a 1.9Kwh battery, it opens the doors for everyone to discover silent off-road excursions …  New model of the Escape family, discover the lines and the smart and casual design of our Escape Lite 2021. Reach across the borders and live the adventure with the Escape Lite.

Electric Motion shows its true colors at first sight.  The lines are refined and chiseled, the curves are simple and modern…
Electric Motion offers one of the most beautiful bikes on the market.

We now offer the full line of Electric Motion Trials motorcycles!

Epure LiteEpure Race,  Epure Sport,  EscapeEscape LightEscape-r  and  Etrek