Escape Light

New for 2021 Escape Light



The Electric Motion ESCAPE LITE is the perfect bike to get you hooked on electric power. Our entry-level Escape model, the ESCAPE LITE will introduce you to the joys that a nearly-silent, practically-zero maintenance motorcycle can bring.

ESCAPE LITE’s low seat height of just over 32” makes this the perfect bike for new riders, older riders, or those that are vertically-challenged. And with no gears to shift, no oil or gas to make a mess, and no way to stall the motor, ESCAPE LITE is the easiest way to get started in motorcycling!




ESCAPE LITE’s standard digital display shows you all the important details of your trip at a glance – Speed, Odometer, Trip Distance, Remaining Battery Charge, and current Power Map.



All Escape models feature a handlebar-mounted map switch that lets the ride choose from three Power Modes at the press of a button, allowing them to tailor the motor’s power characteristics for the conditions. With just a quick glance, the digital display informs the rider of the current mode selection:

  • 1 = Low Power

  • 2 = Mid Power

  • 3 = Max Power


With Electric Motion motorcycles, there is no smelly gas or messy oil to mess with. Preparing your ESCAPE LITE to ride is as simple as charging the battery. Plug one end of the charger into a standard 120v wall outlet, and the other end into the battery; just flip up the rubber cover and plug it in – it’s as easy as charging your phone.

With the included 15A charger, ESCAPE LITE takes 3 hours to charge. In hurry to get back out there? Upgrade to the 25A Quick Charger to be back on the trail in just over 2.5 hours.